21 Day Weight Loss Plan


Your handbook for life – the 21 days is just a bonus!


  • No skills required, I am a professional and will lead the way.


I created this course to help individuals understand exactly how to take control of their diet. Although I go very in depth, I have leveraged my 19 years teaching experience and broken it into digestible chunks in a very easy to understand way.

You will first be given a wide range of tools & resources such as your nutrition & portion size guide, flexible approved foods list as well as 2 recipes books (vegan, plus vegetarian & meat inclusive). If you are vegan or vegetarian I have you covered! There is a full vegan option as well as meat and dairy.

I cover the reasons stopping you achieving your weight loss goals and how to implement very simple changes to fix this. I cover restrictive dieting, fad diets vs a lifestyle change as well 3 very simple ways to cut back calories without noticing! You will learn how each macronutrient works and why you need them – carbs, protein and fat.

You will be provided with a full 3 day detox plan followed by your weight loss plan. After the 21 days you are definitely not left on your own! This is just as important as the 21 and and where sustaining the weight loss comes into play.

You will learn how to maintain healthy habits, daily food intake and I answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding weight loss and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I also teach you how to eat healthy while on vacation or in any situation.

You will learn why motivation does not work and what do do instead1

Finally I have included some awesome bonus training. I cover the importance of exercise, weight lifting vs bodyweight training and my extremely popular ABS IN 7 DAYS Program.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to take control of their diet and not have to rely on outside help
  • Anyone wanting to lose weight and maintain it for a lifetime.
  • Beginners

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