3D Art Basics and Concepts for Absolute Complete Beginners


If 3D art is scary or confusing then this fundamentals course is for you


  • No previous experience is required


This 3D course is for those who have been confused by terminology or intimidated because you felt lost when you tried to learn 3D before.

This course is for any graphic artist 2D artist or anyone who is just curious about 3D but has been too afraid to take that chance to learn. This course will give you a good base to tackle your first 3D course. You will be able to understand a lot of the terminology and the basic concepts of where everything fits in 3D. This is not a full and complete course on each piece of software, but it is a way to introduce everyone to some of the core concepts of 3D and 3D art.

Navigating your way through 3D art can be very confusing because 3D is based in geometry and math. Because math and geometry are difficult, 3D art can have a higher barrier of entry than 2D art.

By the time you finish this course, you will understand the basics of the most common 3D concepts like materials, shaders, polygons, and other terms that may have confused you in the past.

Even if you have never tried 3D before because it looked too complicated or the user interfaces looked too scary, this will be the perfect course for you.

Who this course is for:

  • People that have tried to learn 3D in the past
  • Anyone who finds 3D very confusing but still wants to try
  • 2D artists who are curious about 3D

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