50 DevOps Interview Questions & Answers – 2023


Jump start to your Devops interview preparation


  • You need to be aware of Devops tools
  • Understanding of need of Devops in IT


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This course is for you if :

  • You have finished your DevOps course and now preparing for the interview.
  • Are you wondering what kind of questions could come during the technical rounds?
  • Which domain are you good and how to evaluate this?
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I have curated 50 unique DevOps interview questions and here I will present them to you, Not only that I show you you can answer this question in the interview.

  • Join me on the journey of getting prepared for Devops job interviews.
  • We aim to see different DevOps domain questions and how to answer them if they were to be asked during the interview.
  • This will also help you evaluate or re-evaluate your knowledge of DevOps components you have studied till now.
  • You will have good confidence or a boost in the positive direction after watching this course.
  • In-depth time on 50 unique questions in DevOps
  • This will help you prepare before any interview and give you insight into certain topics you might not be aware of.
  • Key tech stacks covered are
    • AWS
    • Docker
    • Terraform
    • Jenkins
    • Kubernetes
    • Helm
    • Github
    • Vault
    • DevOps general questions — Devops day-to-day tasks etc
    • Sonaqube
    • Python
    • Linux
    • Monitoring and alerting (Prometheus, Alert Manager, Grafana )
  • Join me in the journey where you will learn how to tackle all these questions in the interview

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone aiming for Devops Interview

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