A Guide to Django ORM | Master the Art of Querying Database


Learn about virtual environment, models, migration, meta classes, database relationships, queryset API methods in Django


  • Basics of Python
  • Object Oriented Programming Using Python
  • Database Management System [Optional]


In this course, you are going to learn various concepts related to Django ORM. Django ORM is a core and powerful component of the Django Framework. Using this ORM, we can simplify the database-related operations in an object-oriented way. In this course, you are going to learn how to model for a Blogging project. The agenda is not to make a blogging site, but to teach you about what can you do with the Django ORM and what Django ORM has to offer, to make your project performant. Then, we will deep dive into querying the database which is the most important section of this course. Without knowing how to query the database, you are never going to feel confident as a Django developer. So, you will be taught different things about queryset API provided by Django ORM in order to interact with the databases. You are going to learn various methods which are used in CRUD operations. Like order_by, values, only, defer, select_related, prefetch_related, Q objects, F expressions, raw SQL query, and many more.

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At the end of this course, you will get familiar with the following topics, and you can apply this learning in any Django project.

  1. Virtual Environments
  2. Creating and Setting up Django Project in a virtual environment
  3. Writing Models
  4. Migrations
  5. Django Admin Panel
  6. Database Relationships
  7. Primary Key, Verbose Name
  8. Model Methods
  9. Meta Options
  10. Database CRUD Operation
  11. Using order_by, values, only, defer methods
  12. Performing union, intersection, and difference using Django ORM
  13. Performing field Lookups
  14. Querying Database Relationships
  15. About Q objects, F expression
  16. Select Related and Prefetch Related
  17. Performing raw SQL queryand many more

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python developer curious about web development using Django
  • Any developer who wants to understand how to setup Django in virtual environment.
  • Any django developer who wants to understand how to write models in Django.
  • Any django developer who want to understand how to query the database.
  • Any django developer who wants to understand Django ORM

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