Adobe Character Animator – Make your first cartoon today!

Learn animation in a very concise and straightforward manner.


Learn animation in a very concise and straightforward manner.


  • No programming experience is needed. You will learn all you need to make your very first cartoon.


Want to add animation to your skill set? It’s easier than you think with our brand-new course on Adobe Character Animator – also known as Adobe CH where we’ll teach you how to make your very own cartoon animations in a very concise and straightforward manner. Please enroll today and learn this very sought-after skill.

As you likely already know, Adobe Character Animator is an Emmy Award-winning desktop application software product that combines real-time live motion-capture with a multi-track recording system to control layered 2D puppets. This course provides you with the knowledge you need in order to start animating today. This is a great place to begin your future endeavors as an animator.


  • Preliminary Set-up of Adobe Character Animator (CH)
  • Basics of Character and / or Puppet Customization within CH
  • Customize your background and / or setting. Always wanted to give a speech from the White House, or sing from the highest mountain top? Well now you have your chance, or at least your puppet will!
  • Learn the basics of the Character Animator Timeline functionality and ultimately how to combine both Audio and Visual elements within that Timeline
  • Learn how to export your animated scene into a sharable format. This will allow you to post directly to social media or edit your scene further in a video editing program such as Adobe Premier Pro or iMovie

Who this course is for:

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