An Introduction to Urban Planning and Design


Understanding urban conceptual planning and development


  • This is for those who wanted to give an insight to Urban Planning and Design
  • Especially will be helpful for Planners, Urbanist, Architects, Economists and Environmentalists
  • This if for the one who is so Curios about the future of cities.


This course will provide you with an overview of planning and design, as well as a deeper comprehension of both. The course is designed for those who are new to planning. If you’re considering a career in planning and design, this course can help you decide. The content provides positive learning, and the course lectures, notes, and videos will assist you in a better understanding of planning and design. It establishes a foundation for all future urban studies.

The course will provide the following learning outcomes:

· Understanding the basics of Urban Planning and Urban Design

· The role of Urban Planners and Urban Designers in Neighborhood Development

· Key framework for Sustainable Development and Urban Renewal

· A recent trends in New Urbanism

· Key developments, innovations and debates in Urban Planning.

· Explore role and impact of Urban Planning and Urban Design

This course modules will each focus on a different aspect of planning and design, such as: How Today’s City Evolved; The Ideas That Shape Cities; Tools for Designing Cities; Making Cities Sustainable; Cities in the Information Age; Preserving Older Cities; Designing New Cities, Districts, and Neighborhoods.

Each module that follows will be a self-contained graphical presentation of a group of ideas and visuals.

Who this course is for:

  • Planning and Architecture Students
  • People Interested in development of cities

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