ASP.NET Core 6.0 Course – MVC – Blazor – Razor – EF Core


Become a great ASP.NET Developer and be ready for any ASP.NET scenario using Blazor, Razor, MVC, Entity Framework & more


  • Basic understanding of C# programming


Last Update: 22. April 2022 – Added crash course on HTML, CSS and Boostrap

You ended up on this page because you are interested in .NET development!

So, in this course, you will learn the development of ASP.NET 6.0 core with all of its aspects. You will learn to develop applications using the MVC Pattern and how to develop entire RESTful web APIs.

In addition to the standard development topics, we have added important additional topics about security, deployment and brand new features like Minimal API.

This course is for Anyone with experience in C# and SQL who wants to take the next step and learn to build applications in ASP.NET Core with MVC as well as by using the Entity Framework Core.

We created this complete ASP.NET core course in which you will build 2 real-world applications with us. While building these applications, you will learn everything important in ASP.NET Core 6.0 to get you started as a Junior ASP.NET Developer. A well-paying highly sought-after IT job.

If you want to finally understand what the fuzz is all about and want to see how to quickly create functional, clean, and efficient websites and get a great entry into ASP.NET Core MVC development, then this is the right course for you.

In this ASP.NET core course you will learn these topics:

  • MVC Pattern (Model View Controller)
  • Basic HTML, CSS and Bootstrap
  • Razor Pages
  • Blazor Pages
  • Different Hosting Models
  • RESTful Web API Development
  • Uploading Data/Files
  • Globalization and Localization
  • Authorization and Authentication (Roles and Accounts)
  • Entity Framework Core, SQL Development
  • Designing Web-Applications
  • Deployment

Beside of other applications, we are going to build two real-world applications:

A pizza delivery application in which you will to built a User Interface using Razor pages as well as store the data using Entity Framework Core.

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Then we will dive deep into Blazer pages, where you will learn things like:

  • Data binding
  • Uploading Files and images
  • Dependency injection
  • and Form validation

Then you will learn how to create your own restful web APIs and Develop HTTP Services using ASP.NET Course.

And finally, you will build an entire Invoice Management System, including user accounts, and roles, authentication, and deployment to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.


The course is for anyone, who wants to learn ASP.NET core 6 and wants to become professionally good in development. No experience is required whatsoever. You will even learn the basics of HTML, CSS and Boostrap if you have no prior knowledge. It is designed that anyone who can handle a mouse and keyboard will succeed in finishing it. The only real requisite is the desire to learn.


This course comes with a 30-day full money-back guarantee. Take the course, watch every lecture, and do the exercises, and if you feel like this course is not for you, ask for a full refund within 30 days. All your money back, no questions asked.  


My name is Denis Panjuta and in my courses, I have taught over 250.000 students how to code. I have a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance (Germany). I love teaching and creating high-quality courses. My mission is, to teach programming to over 10.000.000 people! 

Co-instuctor: Jannick Leismann

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to learn ASP NET 6
  • Everyone who wants to become a professional web developer
  • Students with beginner C# skills
  • C# developers that want to extend their skillset
  • Developers who want to earn more money

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