ASP.NET Core Web API and Minimal API Development with .NET 6


Learn ASP.NET Core Web API Development using .NET 6 with Authentication, Authorization, JWT, DTO, AutoMapper and Auth0


  • Basics of C# Language. For example – OOP Concepts, Class Development, Generics in .NET, Developing Class Library Etc.
  • Basic knowledge of Entity Framework or Entity Framework Core along with Code First Modeling
  • Fair idea about MVC architectural pattern [For Example – Controller and Model]
  • Introductory knowledge of Security concepts like What is Authentication and Authorization


Sharing data with authentication and authorization across number of platforms and devices is a challenging job. Being a developer, in an organization, we build solutions using different technologieslibrariesframeworks etc. To share the data with all these platforms and devices, we can think of ASP.NET Core Web API  along with authenticationauthorization and many more features which we can use during the development of our applications.

In this course, we will learn ASP.NET Core Web API development by building a project with controller based API and Minimal API which is introduced in .NET 6. We will also see how to secure Minimal API using Auth0 security with Access Token. Also, let’s see how to use DTOs [Data Transfer Object] and Auto Mapper in our application. This will be a complete hands-on course where we will develop our API with different examples. During the ASP.NET Core Web API development, we will use –

  • Model Classes
  • Entity Framework Core – Code First Approach
  • Data Access Layer/Logic
  • ASP.NET Web API [Controller and Minimal API]
  • Dependency Injection
  • JsonWebToken [JWT]
  • Auth0
  • Etc.

We will use Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 and Microsoft SQL Server. Along with that we will test our Web API endpoints using –

  • Swagger UI
  • Postman
  • Angular Application
  • React JS application

Who this course is for:

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