ASP .Net MVC – Pro Inventory Management System Project


Develop Complete Data Entry Project with RDLC Reports using ASP .Net MVC 5 & SQL Server with Database First Approach


  • Basic Programming Knowledge Required


This is a complete Inventory Management System web based Data Entry Project for all levels (beginners to advanced) using ASP .Net MVC 5, SQL Server, RDLC Reports with Database First Approach under Visual Studio.

You will learn how to create the database for the project. How to create a beautiful Interface and professional Navigation Bar. Creation of Items/Products, Purchase and Sales transaction forms where you will be able to Add, Edit and Delete the entries. Development of downloadable and printable Reports is also taught.

In this project we have focused on direct practical approach. Instead of going in unnecessary details of theory we are giving to the point detail for the task so that the student can understand the logic and concept behind and can complete the task and get results quickly. Many students complete a course without a project and feel unable to get start and apply their knowledge to create or build a working software application or website. This course is specially designed for the students who want to create a complete running project independently using their basic knowledge.

Once understanding and completing this project course on ASP .Net MVC, hopefully it will become easy for you to build another project even if you are working on a different tool other than ASP.

Who this course is for:

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