AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) for the absolute beginner


Learn AWS CDK in 30 minutes !


  • Basic programming experience
  • Basic knowledge of AWS
  • No knowledge of AWS CDK needed


AWS Cloud Development Kit(CDK) – for the absolute beginner

The AWS Cloud Development Kit ( CDK ) is a game-changer when it comes to provisioning cloud applications. CDK allows you to do away with clunky YAML and JSON templates and harness the full power of a programming language for provisioning your cloud infrastructure. CDK can be a very intimidating topic however and difficult to understand. Newcomers can get overwhelmed and not know where to begin.

This course is designed to do away with the complexities of learning CDK and teach you in a clear and concise manner the following :

· What is CDK ?

· What are the problems that CDK solves ?

· The key concepts of CDK

· Simple demo to see the power of CDK in action

After completing this course, you will be able to fully understand the value add which CDK can bring to your organization whether you are a developer, a DevOps engineer, or a cyber-security professional. This foundational course will give you all the skills needed to start a career in AWS CDK and give you the foundational knowledge needed to create more complex CDK constructs, stacks and apps going forward.

Take the step to advance your career today in this amazing new technology by AWS !

Who this course is for:

  • Developers interested in learning about AWS CDK from scratch
  • DevOps engineers interested in understanding AWS CDK
  • Cyber-security professionals wanting to understand the basics of AWS CDK
  • Infrastructure professionals who want to understand the benefits which AWS CDK brings over CloudFormation

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