Azure Front Door Deep Dive


Hands On! Step-by-Step guide to learn Azure Front Door in depth


  • Basic Azure Skills


Welcome to Azure Front Door Deep Dive Course. This course will get you up to speed with Azure Front Door, and you’ll learn the best practices to implement Azure Front Door. With a deep focus on routing rules & Web Application Firewall, you’ll get to learn how you can use different routing rules to direct traffic through your Front Door to the right backend target in the lowest latency region. Covering different SSL Certificates that you can use to secure your custom domain names that you specify in Front Door. You’ll learn how to configure your Front Door as a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to add additional layer of protection for your web applications & Web Services, and how to configure your own WAF policies, and what’s the difference between WAF Managed Rules & WAF Custom Rules. When it comes to the Routing, we’ll deep dive and understand the Routing Architecture of Front Door. How Front Door matches the incoming requests with the Routing Rules. What are the different routing methods that the Front Door is using (Latency-Based Routing, Weighted-Based Routing, Priority-Based Routing, Session Affinity-Based Routing). Of course, we’ll cover the Rules Engine as well. Then, coming to the monitoring part, where you’ll see how to setup the Diagnostic Settings for your Front Door, and what are the key Metrics you need to focus on to ensure you’ve a health Front Door instance(s), and how to setup alert rules to notify you when a certain Metric has exceeded a certain threshold.  Happy Learning!

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