Basics of competitive programming in C++ for beginners


Let’s begin with programming competitions. Learn how to write code that is both optimized and efficient, and then put it into practice.

What you’ll learn

Basics of competitive programming in C++ for beginners

  • The fundamentals of competitive programming
  • Important time-consuming algorithms
  • Shortcuts and coding hints
  • Implementation of all essential ideas in coding.
  • The C++ Standard Template Library is a collection of C++ templates.


  • C++ skills at a beginner’s level
  • Aspirants to the competitive program


The skill of problem-solving is known as competitive programming. It’s a kind of mental workout, and every coder strives to win competitive programming tournaments. What counts most in these contests is the amount of space or memory used by the code, as well as the time it takes to execute it. The optimal option is always the one that is efficient for both parties.

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If you want to be a professional programmer, your grasp of the fundamentals is all that counts.

This course is for people who have never programmed in C++ before. It goes over all the basic concepts, such as time complexity analysis, important algorithms like the Kadanes Algorithm and the Eratosthenes Sieve Algorithm, the C++ Standard Template Library, and recursion.

I’ll teach one topic and solve an example connected to it in each video lesson, i.e., construct code for the provided issue with an explanation of each step. I’ll go through recursive techniques as well as optimized ones with lower time complexity.

A student will be able to answer simple to medium-level issues on competitive coding websites like Codechef and Codeforces at the conclusion of this course. Put yourself on the path to learning something useful and valuable.

Have a good time learning!!

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