Battery & Fuel Cell Technologies From Scratch to the Top


Learn everything about fuel cell and battery technologies and their role in modern society!


  • Being curious to know details about the batteries
  • No prior knowledge needed


Energy systems across the globe are undergoing a fundamental transformation. As we continue to decrease dependence on fossil fuels, the world is demanding more diverse power solutions for our transportation needs.

Today’s electric vehicles are almost exclusively powered by lithium-ion batteries, but there is a long way to go before electric vehicles become dominant in the global automotive market. In addition to policy support, widespread deployment of electric vehicles requires high-performance and low-cost energy storage technologies, including not only batteries but also alternative electrochemical devices. Here, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of various batteries and fuel cells technologies that have the greatest potential to succeed in commercial applications.

This course is an introduction to batteries and fuel cells – the cornerstones of electromobility and renewable energy. Learning the lessons of history, understanding the main driving forces of global changes, and earning the basic knowledge of the key technologies will help to gain basic all-around comprehension of the subject.

What you’ll learn

– Lessons of history, in order to understand possible risks of electromobility in the near future.

– Driving forces of growing demand in electromobility and energy storage and how it changes the game.

Basic principles and “how it works” for electric vehicles, batteries, and fuels cells.

– Main types of batteries and fuel cells.

– How electrode material chemistry defines battery characteristics.

Who this course is for:

  • Students
  • Engineers
  • Electric vehicle owners
  • Electricians
  • Entrepreneurs
  • New technology lovers

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