Build API Using Python & FastAPI


Build API Using Python & FastAPI From Scratch


  • Internet connection.
  • PC with MAC or Windows.


In this course you’ll be taught how to create a complete Movies API from scratch using Python FastAPI that is capable of creating, retrieving, updating and deleting movies from the database. The process has never been easier. I’ll take you from the very beginning stages of installing Python and FastAPI till the last steps of Building an API in Python FastAPI.

Create Movies API using Python FastAPI:

API stands for application programming interface. FastAPI is considered one of the best frameworks to build APIs. Building an API can be quite challenging, however, with FastAPI you will be amazed how easy it is. Moreover, an API is an essential part of advanced web applications. Learning how to develop one will put you on the right track to have an outstanding career in Back-end Web Development. The Back-end part of web development is usually underestimated by the beauty of what front-end developers can do, however, you need to remember that without the back-end side of the web, the whole process would be meaningless and probably fall apart!

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Finally, learning how to create APIs using FastAPI will put your feet in the door of any potential employer & you’ll be desired to be hired by many companies and start-ups.

Some of What you will learn in Build Movies API Using Python FastAPI:

  • How to download Python & Create New Project.
  • How to create Movies database.
  • Create & design your database movies table.
  • Filling up your tables with data quickly.
  • RESTful APIs in FastAPI.
  • How to insert movies into the database.
  • How to get a movie by id.
  • How to get a movie by title.
  • How to get all movies from your database.
  • Update data related to a specific movie.
  • Delete a movie from your database.
  • And Much Much More!


  • Source code of this course is attached to the end of the course, and you can download it, use it & even develop it more.

Who this course is for:

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