Build Laundry App Using Flutter & Firebase


Laundry Management App for Store and Customer


  • Flutter Basic
  • Firebase CLI


In this course, we will create a laundry management system from the admin/store side and customers can see the progress. In the process of making the application, it is focused on android applications that can be used by 2 parties, both admins and customers.

Before accessing this course, you are required to know about the basics of flutter and have installed firebase CLI, you can find firebase CLI resources in this course.

In this course, using flutter version 3.0.0 and firebase cloud firestore service. although there is login but does not use authentication, but uses cloud firestore.

The main features of the application that will be made, one of which is the analysis feature for today’s laundry. and checking/searching laundry from the customer side. with a simple appearance, but useful.

How to learn or make applications in this course, by writing code block by block while I explain the meaning and explanation.

This course uses English in the presentation and writing the code. so for the learner can be universal. By mastering this course, you can develop it to become more complex and adapt to new needs. so that the application can be useful for both the store and the customer.

Who this course is for:

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