Build Real World MYSQL Database Management Projects


Create Databases, Design Reports, and Master SQL Development Through Projects–MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap

What you’ll learn

Build Real World MYSQL Database Management Projects

  • Using SQL, you can model real-world data and make reports.
  • To learn MYSQL, make real-world projects.
  • By writing perfect and efficient queries, you can become a good user of SQL.
  • Create your own database or work with databases that already exist.


  • You must have basic knowledge of MySQL.
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There are also a lot of other benefits to working with MySQL.

  • Because the MySQL database software is free to download from the official site and comes pre-installed on most hosting servers, it doesn’t cost a lot to use or keep up.
  • MySQL Keeps Memory Leaks from Happening: The database software has been shown to keep memory leaks from happening on a server where it isn’t installed.
  • MySQL is very well supported. You can run the software on a lot of different platforms and operating systems, like Windows, Linux, Novell NetWare, UNIX (Sun Solaris, AIX, DEC UNIX), OS/2, FreeBSD, and many more.
  • Slower database software like Sybase and Oracle has more features, but this is good because it means MySQL is faster than them. In other words, MySQL is a lot faster than other database platforms in terms of speed, but users still have access to all the same features that they would with other database platforms.
  • In the default setting, MySQL can store up to 4GB of data in each file. However, this can be increased to meet your needs by up to 8 TB of data!
  • The Novell Cluster Services offered by NetWare protect your data in the event of a hardware failure. MySQL can work with these services. If one of these servers goes down, the software will take over on another one. This keeps your website and applications running smoothly and without any problems. Customers won’t even notice that a server went down, and they won’t care.

Who this course is for:

  • All newbies to MySQL

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