Build your own Instagram with Ruby on Rails from scratch


Learn to code your own type of Instagram App step by step using Ruby on Rails Framework



The best way to learn a programming language and a framework is by building something with it. We are going to build our own style type of Instagram app with authentication system to allow people to sign-up and join in order to post images.

The app will also have the option for people to comment on posted images.
 The app has full CRUD (create,update,read ,delete) functionality.

Ruby  is a modern object oriented programming language, and Ruby on Rails is a popular and  powerful   frameworks  for building web applications. Rails was built using Ruby and makes it much easier to develop web applications with Ruby. Some notable applications have been built using Ruby on Rails: They incude

Basecamp, Twitter, Shopify, Github, LivingSocial, Groupon, Hulu, Airbnb, Yellow Pages to just mention a few.. A google search will reveal much more.. 

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This course is for the absolute beginner to Ruby programming language and Rails framework.
I will guide you through setting up your development environment. Then we will cover some basics of the Ruby programming language.  We will also install git and touch on github which is used for version control.
We will create a complete image sharing  application like instagram from scratch using Rails and in the process build up your skills.

Concepts we will cover while building our Instagram style app project include:

Creating a new rails project
Updating gems using bundler
Starting rails server
Creating controllers
Creating models
Associating models
creating views
Generating models
Running migrations
Creating posts
Editing posts
Reading posts
Deleting posts
Adding links to posts
Creating comments
Deleting comments
Creating controller actions
Setting up routes
Adding resources and automatically generating routes
Implementing authentication system
Image uploading
Adding comments

Adding Pagination

By the end of this  course you would have developed enough skills to be build other projects.

Who this course is for:

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