Building a Team from Scratch: Recruit, Hire, Onboard, & more


4 courses in 1! Learn how to recruit, hire, onboard, and build the best possible team for your organization.


  • There are no prerequisites or required skills needed for this course.


It’s time for you to build a team from the ground up.

But you have no idea where to start …

With so many moving pieces, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

You have to recruit the right people, bring them through the hiring process, make sure they’re onboarded correctly, and then integrate them into a healthy and productive team environment.

All the while, you’re dodging massive hurdles along the way.

Consider this:

  • 86% of the most qualified candidates for your team are already employed or not even actively looking for work;
  • Of the remaining candidates who are up for grabs, the best of them are off the market within 10 days;
  • Once you do find someone, you could be throwing away at least $4,000 with each new hire if you have a poor onboarding process in place;
  • And finally, if you make it through all those hurdles and bring someone new onto your team, they’re 87% more likely to leave your company if you don’t keep them engaged.

Crazy, right?

All odds of building a great a team seem to be stacked against you.

So the question then becomes …

How do you build a team from scratch that achieves synergy and works toward accomplishing your company’s goals and objectives?

Because, let’s face it … if you’re not doing everything you can to recruit, hire, onboard, and champion a culture of teamwork effectively, there’s no chance you’ll be able to build a rockstar team for your organization.

So how exactly can you optimize these processes to ensure you have the best chance of building a team that carries your company forward?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this comprehensive combo course.

You’ll be getting access to all of the material from the following four courses:

  1. Recruiting Talent: How to find & attract the best candidates
  2. How to Master Hiring: Pick the right candidate every time
  3. Onboarding New Employees: Increase retention & performance
  4. Building Your Team: How to put together the perfect team

Inside we’ll cover:

  • The goals of recruiting and how the process works from start to finish
  • Finding the perfect candidates through existing employees, social networks, and various other places
  • Where to look for talent and which tools can be used to help the process
  • How to conduct effective interviews and select the best candidate for the job
  • Why onboarding is such an important function within your business
  • How to properly evaluate your onboarding process for adjustments and improvements
  • How to evaluate and lead an effective team
  • Bringing teams together through trust and communication
  • How to develop a culture of teamwork within your business
  • And much, much more

By the end of this course, you’ll have everything you need to recruit, hire, onboard, and build the best possible team for your organization.

Let’s get to it!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in improving their skills in recruitment, hiring, onboarding and/or building teams within an organization
  • Business owners and executives interested in learning more about recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and/or team building best practices
  • Employees looking to become better team players
  • Managers looking for best practices to build effective teams that work great together
  • Anyone interested in creating an enduring culture of teamwork that fosters long-term growth and business success

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Originally posted 2022-09-30 22:56:21.

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