Building Design System in Figma from Scratch – UI UX Mastery


Step by Step guide about how to create all parts of Design System using Figma – Design Principles, Tokens and theming


  • Basics of using Figma App


If you are UI UX Designer and not using a Design System while designing, then you get outdated in a few years. Boost your design game to PRO LEVEL with this Design System with Figma Class. This class will help you step by step and will teach you practical examples of how to start creating a Design System. What are the 7 steps you need to take to create a Design System? How you are going to bring your design, development, marketing teams, and managers together to create design principles.

In this class, you will learn all the theories with practical examples about the Design Systems, their components, benefits, and outputs.

You will learn about

  • Design Principles and how to make them
  • Purpose Statement in Design System
  • Design first or create a Design System first
  • Tokens, Values and how to use theming dark and light in Design System
  • Generate Color System with color scales and color styles
  • Create Typography system with Type Scales and Styles
  • Icon System, Grids, and Layout System
  • Buttons, Chips, and Info bars with Swappable Icons
  • Advance usage of Auto layout, Components, and Variants in Figma
  • See how we use the Spacing System in Figma
  • Usage of Emojis and creating Hyperlinks inside Figma pages/files

5 Assignments for you to practice and show me your Design System using Figma file links

So let’s learn Pro-Level Figma skills to create a design system and get your dream job as a UX UI Designer

Who this course is for:

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