Chess Opening – Jobava London System


A Complete White Repertoire with a minimal amount of study


  • The chess player should have 1000 rating on lichess or chesscom


If you’re looking for a super simple system to play with White, one of the simplest to play the Jobava London System. This course is about the Jobava London System an opening repertoire that is based on the moves d4, Nc3 and Bf4 .Black has few concrete setups to play against it. The main difference between Classical London and Jobava London, there are many tactical variationss and gives attacking chances.

The Jobava London is suitable for all skill levels . It’s relatively simple to learn and play. There is relatively little theory required and so is perfect for people with little time to study. Names such as, Aronian, Rapport and of course Baadur Jobava are playing this aggressive opening regularly. Also, Magnus Carlsen himself occasionally plays it which shows that it’s possible at the highest levels.

This course is being created for the rating range level chess players 1000-2200 on lichess or chesscom. Having a fun active game with good attacking chances rather than accepting a lot of work and memorization for an objective but small advantage with mainlines. I’m sure, after completing this course you’ll have another tempting opening that you can start playing in your otb tournaments or in friendly club matches.

Who this course is for:

  • Best for amateur and club players
  • People who has not good opening repertoire with White perspective
  • It really is accessible to almost any player. Especially ideal for those who want a full White repertoire with a minimal amount of study.

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