Chinese for Beginners: Everyday vocabulary and phrases


Chinese language fluency with the most important Chinese conversation, expressions, vocabulary and culture


  • Anyone who is new to Chinese and has no prior knowledge of the language


Chinese for Beginners: Everyday Vocabulary and Phrases” will teach you everything you need to know to travel to Mandarin-speaking countries/areas and communicate comfortably with locals. You’ll also learn some terms that aren’t usually covered in textbooks, like vegetarian and electronic payment.

It is designed for Mandarin Chinese beginners to master the greetings, basic phrases and vocabulary, and understand some cultural tips.

The highlights of this course are

1. Start from the needs of the learner, not from the perspective of the instructor

2. Include the latest content, such as electronic payment

3. Learn traditional and simplified Chinese expressions at the same time, so that you can harvest the use of two ways in one class.

You will have access to dozens of sample phrases that will help you quickly improve your language skills. They are useful not only in everyday life but also when traveling.

You can

  • Master Chinese greetings in daily life and some ways to respond to questions.
  • Master basic self-introduction skills.
  • Grasp the most useful phrases that will make you feel secure and confident in communication
  • Acquire basic vocabulary: transport, travel, shopping, etc.
  • Be familiar with culture and customs: the unspoken rules

This course is ideal for anyone new to Chinese and without prior knowledge of the language.

Who this course is for:

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