Coding Basics and Problem Solving and Logical Thinking


Manual Testing To Automation Testing Part 1


  • No pre-requisite for this course anyone who knows English can join this course


Are you an absolute beginner looking forward to kickstart your journey in the Automation Testing. Coding can be hard skill learn to learn for many but no more. Welcome to Coding Basics, the most fundamental course that every aspiring tester should take to kickstart their journey in the world of Automation Testing. The course teaches you the fundamental building blocks – before you start writing code in any programming language.

You will understand the basic concepts and techniques to break down a given problem into smaller parts by drawing flowcharts, write pseudocode, and real code is also demonstrated using Java.

The course is your first step towards Automation Testing. In Next Course that is Part 2 You will Learn About Java Programming Language and then in Part 3 you can chose any of the automation Tool but I will be covering Selenium as a part 3 of this course.

I am Anuja Jain 10 years plus experience in Automation Testing. I first Used Selenium Tool back in 2011 when it was very new and when I gave the demo of my first automated test everyone in my team was proud. Over the years I have worked with multiple Companies like Intel, TCS, Cropin and HP and learned lots of testing tools. So join me and learn and write your first automated test script with me.

Who this course is for:

  • Manual Testers who want to Enter into Field of Automation Testing
  • Freshers who wants to learn coding basics
  • Anyone who wants to learn coding

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