Convert Google Blogger Into Static Website (Multiple Pages)


You Will Learn Professionally How to Implement All Static Website Page Design & Contents To Blogger.


  • Hi friends , Interest is the first requirement.
  • Understanding Blogger Platform. It’s Features & Limitations . It was also explained here
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML & CSS & Javascript
  • Pre-created Code of Static Website (optional) Note: Above point is enough to create simple Static Website
  • First practice conversion with dummy blog & after that implement in the blog which you want Static Website Design.
  • It’s your wish to have your own domain (optional) .


  • Google Blogger can be used as Hosting for Static Website. We can’t upload files in Blogger but we can add HTML, CSS , Javascript Code which are inside the html files to Blogger and so almost a free hosting .
  • Please note this course is about Google’s blogger CMS(Content Management System) platform & not about blogging.
  • Also note this course is about Adding Static Website Content To Blogger by Customizing Blogger Template. Here we are not doing any Blogger Post and Widgets Customization . Finalized output will be a static website and will not be a Blogger template.
  • Also understand that , Dynamic type website is not possible in blogger.
  • Though you need to know some basic HTML , CSS and JS skills , from my understanding the first requirement is interest. So Beginner level is also enough. When you are interested to learn a topic , you will try to understand the topic. When you understand you can get the outline of the topic which is more than enough . Because not everyone can read and memorize all the tags,codes and updates.
  • In an hour you will understand blogger platform’s another dimension.
  • Explained  With Step by Step Videos . So it is very easy to follow.
  • If you understand my course you can also create static websites even with Bootstrap Framework in Blogger.
  • What are you waiting for?Join us now in this journey, Click Enroll Now and learn something new today!

Who this course is for:

  • Google Blogger platform users who are curious to create this design
  • Staic Website Designers who want implement their website for free
  • For Blogger Geeks 🙂
  • Persons who want to create portfolio website for free
  • Persons who need simple static website for their shops.

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