Create Animated Videos in Microsoft PowerPoint


Learn to create an animated video in PowerPoint. Use Microsoft PowerPoint for videos and animation.


  • PowerPoint 2019 / 2021 or the subscription-based 365 would be perfect!
  • PowerPoint 2010 / 2011 Mac / 2013 / 2016 is ok, but not recommended
  • Unique templates to work on are included in the course


Do you want to learn how to make high-quality videos for YouTube, work as a freelancer, or make videos for your company using PowerPoint?

With recent updates to the recording features in Microsoft PowerPoint it was never this easy to use it as a reliable, solid, and professional video creation tool. Video creation skills are now more important than ever and we have a huge opportunity to stand out from the crowd by using software like PowerPoint to prepare our videos quickly and efficiently.

This course will teach you everything about animation and video creation with PowerPoint you need to know.

As with all my courses, rather than just showing you around tools, I will focus on direct application and present a real-life workflow of creating a video – From an empty slide to an animated and beautifully illustrated video ready to export and publish. I have prepared unique templates and resources so we can work together.

The course and its projects are well organized and laid out. We work in the following order:

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  1. Acquiring proper illustrations and resources
  2. Establishing a script and designing our entire video
  3. Animating scenes and timing our slides perfectly
  4. Recording a voice-over and exporting a ready video!

All resources and templates are highly unique and prepared by me, your instructor (Hi, I’m Andrew 😉 You will find them within this course. They are designed to gradually teach you new design, animation, and video creation techniques including the Morph feature, smoothing animations or downloading high-quality resources.

We will create several types of animated videos within this course:

  1. An animated explainer video with a voice over
  2. A marketing video with free and legal footage we download online
  3. An animated and illustrated video using the Morph transition in PowerPoint
  4. …and many more useful little video tricks, like custom transitions!

Want to check before you buy? Sure, be my guest!

Please do watch a couple of the free preview lectures to see and hear how I teach! I put a lot of emphasis on high-quality audio, normalized sound, short lectures (3-4 minutes), and editing my videos well so all shortcuts and important steps are visibly highlighted. 

If you are up for it, join me on the other side, enroll in the course and let’s get to work!

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to create videos for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or other platforms
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to create animated videos, promos or explainer videos
  • People who want to work with videos, create videos and increase their technical ability to do so
  • People curious about newest PowerPoint animation techniques
  • Users who are interested for PowerPoint in particular and want to utilize it to its fullest potential

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