Creating Infographics With Canva


For non-designers with an interest in science or medicine


  • None. No design experience needed


With this course you will learn how to

  • Select an appropriate topic for an infographic, with a special focus on medical and scientific topics (not necessary to create one on that topic but that is the focus of this course)
  • Select data that will help support the message you are trying to convey
  • Choose colors and fonts that will be aesthetically pleasing and fit with the subject area
  • Compare Canva with other easy-to-use infographic design software available
  • Lay out the different components, also created in Canva, into an infographic format
  • Develop the skills to provide infographic design services using Canva


  • You should be familiar with using a computer
  • No graphic design skill needed but a willingness to learn what works well in infographic design
  • A medical/scientific background would be suitable for this course, but you don’t need one to benefit from the content


Welcome to Creating Medical and Scientific Infographics With Canva, where I will teach you to create infographics using Canva.

With this course, you’ll learn about the different software programs available to create infographics, and we will be focusing in on using Canva, which is super easy to use and intended for non designers.

We’ll talk about what makes for an effective infographic, where to get templates, and then we will create an infographic, filling it out step-by-step. You can follow along, and by the end of this course, you’ll have your own infographic ready to go.

As a point of interest these infographics and their individual components can be made into any kind of social media posts if you’d like. So that might be useful too.

You can make infographics for your own purposes or offer them as a visual to your clients if you are for example, a freelance medical writer. If you are graduate student or post-doc research, perhaps you could find an interesting way to build awareness about your research through an easy to visualize infographic, downloadable from your website.

Everyone always like looking at an interesting infographic rather than reading a bunch of text.

If you haven’t used Canva before—no worries—it is super easy to use.

Join this course and create an infographic in a very short time!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to create an infographic using Canva, especially those with an interest in science or medicine

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