Cybersecurity Threat Hunting Professional


Cybersecurity Threat Hunting Professional


  • The learner must have a basic understand of network and information security.
  • The learner must have a basic understand of programming or scripting-querying skills.
  • The learner must have a basic understand of ethical hacking methodology.


About this course

Learn to develop the skills & mindset required to become a professional cybersecurity threat hunter.


Are you trying to pivot in your IT\cybersecurity career? Then this course is a great way to find an area of cybersecurity in which you can develop your skills.

This course is also valuable for those who are already in cybersecurity and want to get a high-level understanding of what is involved in threat hunting.

This course can help you improve your chances of landing your first cybersecurity job because you will learn the skills that can help an organization become more secure in its operations.

This course is designed for entry-level or aspiring cybersecurity professionals.

What you’ll learn


What is Threat Hunting & Its Primary objective

Why conduct threat hunting

What threat hunting is not

Why Threat Hunt?

Attributes of an effective Threat Hunter

What is required for threat hunting

Related Courses

Terms associated with threat hunting

Threat Hunting Loop

What is Required for Successful Threat Hunting

Techniques for Successful Hunting

What makes Threat Hunting Effective

Threat Hunting approaches

Hypothesis Testing & Sources of Hypothesis.

7 Effective Threat Hunting Tips


Threat Hunting Approaches.

Threat Hunting Tools & Products

Demo-Simulate a threat hunting hypothetical scenario

Indicators of threat attacks\IoC

Demo of basic threat hunt using system monitor & the event viewer


Next steps to developing practical threat hunting skills

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for persons who are already familiar with cybersecurity and want to specialize in Threat Hunting
  • This course is also designed for the general IT professional who just want to have a basic understand of what is involved in threat hunting at an high level.

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