Dissecting The Donk Bet


Learn dealing with a donk bet


  • Basic knowledge of poker tournament game


Are you sick of other players being able to continuation bet into you with seemingly nothing?


Make more money postflop with this series on donk betting!

In this video strategy guide, find out why you need to lead with top pairs, sets, flush draws, and backdoor draws.

Learn the sizing tricks that help you take away the pot, even when you’re out of position.

Also, find out what turn cards and players are good to keep attacking, and when you should lay off.

Discover all of this and much much more!

While preparing this course I used 2,000+ real tournament hands with buyins varying from $20 to $5,000.

We will cover the following:

  • When it became a play
  • It started making logical sense
  • What to look for in an opponent
  • Why small draws benefit from donk leading
  • Statistics examples and analysis
  • Some traditional donk bets
  • Why are we double barreling?
  • Take out guess work
  • Compare the HUDs
  • Ways to avoid losses
  • Stack sizes good for a check-raise
  • Ranges
  • Reverse implied odds
  • Opponent’s HUD breakdown
  • Finding leaks in your opponent’s play
  • Hand breakdown
  • More statistics analysis
  • The more you open the harder it’s to defend
  • Why we don’t donk-lead pairs
  • How we can identify donk-bettors
  • If their fold to c-bet is low
  • Lead a brick
  • Flopzilla analysis
  • Polorized range
  • Playing a mediocre draw
  • Donk leading with a flush-draw
  • One pair in a 3-way pot
  • What if you’re in the small blind
  • Multiway pots
  • 3-bet semi-bluffing
  • Playing from the big blind
  • Balancing
  • General questions

Donk betting is a strong move when used effectively. You need to understand when to donk bet and you also need to know how to deal with donk bets when your opponents use it.

After studying this course you will add more tactical moves to your poker arsenal.

Who this course is for:

  • Tournament players improving their game
  • Poker players searching for new tactical moves in tournament play

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