English: Grammar Measure


opinion and creative writing


  • fundamentals of grammar


The evolution of language is composed of Theories giving birth to all Grammarians including all turned out Mathematicians and Scientists’ opinions are articled by Every English Scholars to Language Exponents. Being classical with literature and as a modern ball Gown with Fusion Costumes is the need of this approach Grammar.

“All observations are mere Exaggerations of past, but all exaggerations is a mother to penning themself into a structure called Grammar”

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Learning made simple and lite is our motto as we are budding language graduate and language enthusiast.

Reckoning that the need of the purpose of this Course is not just creating notes-taking or writing whereas the botheration there is perhaps not the style but writing creatively. We all need a simple minimalistic lessons to learn grammar that is the purpose of this course. You will be given a lite easy crisp knowledge about grammar, thereby learning is simple and efficient.

Most of the learners feel difficulty in learning tenses, considering that as an issue we prepared a lecture that is efficient and utilizable. This lecture is good for budding writers and bloggers who need a basic warm-up in writing. All the Best Learners….and one more thing please give your feedback and constructive criticism

Who this course is for:

  • For people of age 16 and above who wish to learn in depth grammar

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