English Verb TO BE: master the present tense + speak quickly


A step by step process to English language fluency: listening, speaking + conversation drills + written exercises


  • This course is for Beginner English language learners who already have a basic vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure, but who want to be able to QUICKLY produce the proper verb conjugation when they are speaking. If you are still pausing in your sentences to try and think of the correct verb conjugation to use or if you are pausing and translating words in your head, this course will help you stop pausing and start using the verb TO BE in the present tense naturally, automatically, without thinking about it–just like native English speakers do. I teach you how to conjugate the verb, how to use the verb in affirmative and negative statements, and how to form contractions. I provide written exercises for you to reinforce what you learn. And we work together in the speaking drills to practice using the verb TO BE in the present tense until it is easy and automatic and you are shocked at how naturally you are speaking. You will learn some vocabulary that you can use in the practice exercises and because I do not speak every language, you should have an English-your language dictionary available or access to a translation app like Google Translate or Deepl so that you’ll be able to properly translate and understand the vocabulary we’re using. The only other thing you will need is a place where you can watch the videos and speak out loud. Speaking out loud is very important in this class. You cannot “think” about the words when we are practicing. You must speak them out loud to yourself, or your cat, or your favorite toy. You can do this. I can help you.


If you’re learning English, what you want most of all is to be able to engage in a natural conversation in English, without pausing in the middle of your sentence to think about what the proper conjugation of the verb you want to use should be, right?  You want to be able to say the right word quickly, without even thinking about it.

By the end of this mini-course, you will be able to QUICKLY produce the correct verb conjugation of the verb TO BE in the present tense when you speak. The lectures and practice exercises and speaking drills are designed to improve your conjugation and speaking skills so that you will not need to stop in the middle of your sentence to try and remember if you are supposed to use the word “is”, “am,” or “are” and you won’t need to translate the conjugation in your head anymore. You will be able to immediately produce the proper from of the verb automatically, just like a native English speaker.

You will learn how to use the verb TO BE in affirmative statements and negative statements.

You will learn how to form contractions with the verb TO BE (conjugated in the present tense).

And you will practice using the verb TO BE (conjugated in the present tense) until it becomes as natural for you to use as your own language.

You might also learn some new vocabulary words as we practice using the verb TO BE in sentences.

Who this course is for:

  • If you’re ready to stop pausing when you speak to try and think of the correct verb conjugation to use and then stumbling through your sentences unsure if you’re doing it right, this is the right course for you. We focus on one verb in the present tense. This course covers the verb TO BE in the present tense and you will learn how to conjugate and use it without pausing or thinking or translating it in your head. Just like a native English speaker does.

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