Excel Dashboards & Power BI Bootcamp – Finance & Accounting


Learn to create beautiful, powerful & dynamic dashboards in Excel & Microsoft Power BI


  • You should have an intermediate knowledge on Excel (eg: IF Statements, VLOOKUP, COUNTIFS & etc.)
  • Fundamental Excel Knowledge is an added advantage
  • Knowledge of Excel Pivot Tables is an added advantage


Being able to visually present your analysis is key! Learn to create beautiful, powerful, and dynamic dashboards in Excel and Power BI.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Identify what a dashboard really is and dashboard best practices
  • Create a powerful, dynamic Excel dashboard
  • Create many of the most common visualizations used in dashboards
  • Connect your data to Microsoft Power BI
  • Utilize Power BI to create powerful visualizations
  • Derive a deeper knowledge of your data using the tools in Power BI

Want to be the team Rockstar? Learn to create dashboards! Dashboards are interactive tools that provide insights and analyses to users. This course will quickly teach you how to create amazing dashboards in Excel and Microsoft Power BI.

After learning dashboard fundamentals in Excel, we’ll supercharge your skills by teaching you Power BI. Power BI is Microsoft’s free business intelligence tool that allows you to easily create interactive and powerful dashboards.

We recommend taking our Intro to Data Analytics using Excel in conjunction with this course. In order to truly understand your data, you need to know some analytics.

At completion, you’ll know how to make dynamic dashboards in both Excel and Power BI.

What makes our course so awesome?

· Real world case-studies: In depth, real-world case studies using fictitious companies

· Fun: Light-hearted, fun, and enjoyable course (we never take ourselves too seriously)

· Knowledgeable instructor: Nate is a CPA and Joe is a CFO, a lot of experience and expertise!

· No fluff: We don’t teach theory or waste your time with useless information. Everything we teach you can start applying TODAY

Let’s start learning!

Who this course is for:

  • Finance analysts and accountants who want to upskill reporting and analytics
  • Excel users who want to learn how to create professional reports in Power BI
  • Business Intelligence enthusiasts
  • Data Science enthusiasts
  • Small business owners who want to better understand and visualize their data
  • Business Students

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