Flutter SQLite Database


Build a Flutter Database App with Drift Package and StateManagement with Provider Package


  • Basic of Flutter & Dart


In this Flutter course we are going to learn about local data storage using drift package which help us to create and write SQL query more easily, it internally make use of SQLite 3 and work well both with Android and iOS.

We will able learn about Flutter state management using Provider package which is really popular among Flutter developers. We will cover basic to advance state management using Provider package.

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By using provider instead of manually writing InheritedWidget, you get:

  • simplified allocation/disposal of resources
  • lazy-loading
  • a vastly reduced boilerplate over making a new class every time
  • devtool friendly – using Provider, the state of your application will be visible in the Flutter devtool
  • a common way to consume these InheritedWidgets (See Provider.of/Consumer/Selector)
  • increased scalability for classes with a listening mechanism that grows exponentially in complexity (such as ChangeNotifier, which is O(N) for dispatching notifications).

Drift is a reactive persistence library for Flutter and Dart, built on top of sqlite. Drift is

  • Flexible: Drift let’s you write queries in both SQL and Dart, providing fluent apis for both languages. You can filter and order results or use joins to run queries on multiple tables. You can even use complex sql features like WITH and WINDOW clauses.
  • Feature rich: Drift has builtin support for transactions, schema migrations, complex filters and expressions, batched updates and joins. We even have a builtin IDE for SQL!
  • Modular: Thanks to builtin support for daos and imports in sql files, drift helps you keep your database code simple.
  • Safe: Drift generates typesafe code based on your tables and queries. If you make a mistake in your queries, drift will find it at compile time and provide helpful and descriptive lints.
  • Fast: Even though drift lets you write powerful queries, it can keep up with the performance of key-value stores. Drift is the only major persistence library with builtin threading support, allowing you to run database code across isolates with zero additional effort.
  • Reactive: Turn any sql query into an auto-updating stream! This includes complex queries across many tables
  • Cross-Platform support: Drift works on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux and the web. This template is a Flutter todo app that works on all platforms
  • Battle tested and production ready: Drift is stable and well tested with a wide range of unit and integration tests. It powers production Flutter apps.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Flutter

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