FullStack JavaScript React Node MERN eLearning Marketplace


Learn to Build Real World LMS eLearning Marketplace using NextJs React Node MongoDB Stripe AWS and Secure Authentication


  • To complete this course you must be from a country where stripe connect (type express) is supported. Please check stripe website for more detail.
  • You will be required to create AWS account (free tier for first 12 month) however some charges may apply based on your usage
  • You will need to have a good understanding of JavaScript and at least some experience of building projects with React and NodeJs


Learn to build real world eLearning marketplace (Udemy clone) using Full stack/MERN stack JavaScript Next.js React Node MongoDB and Stripe from scratch to deployment.

If you have taken my previous courses, then you have already build some great projects, I know that 🙂 You have already build E-commerce apps, SEO blogging platform, Social network and even a Marketplace…but you haven’t build any thing like this.

This project will not only teach you the very best of everything but also enables you to make a good income out of it.. yes this time you are not just going to build yet another project, you are going to build an eLearning marketplace that generates money for you and for your users (Instructors).

This concept is extremely powerful and there is no limit to it. You can grow this project to one of the most successful project ever. Yes I am talking about building an online education marketplace, something like Udemy! Yes you heard me right, you will learn to build something like Udemy using Full stack JavaScript React.js Next.js Node.js MongoDB Stripe and AWS.

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Another important part of this course is, It is build for production use. Yes when we say production, we need to make sure it is secure, fast, SEO and built with solid infrastructures right? Don’t worry, I have covered all that in the best possible way!

You will build a secure and production ready authentication system using cookies. So no more worries about insecurities of storing tokens in local storage. It is extremely fast and SEO optimized because we are using Next.js, which is a React framework for building production apps.

It is built with solid infrastructures to ultimately scale in future. We are using AWS SES for emails and S3 for storage. So as you can see, this is absolutely amazing project to build, that can easily be one of the best startup project to change the world.

Whether you want to build an online education marketplace for a country or a region or the entire world. This is where it all starts.

And it is all done from scratch with nothing but an empty code editor and of course with a lot of passion to learn, build and grow together. In about 5000 lines of code, you will be able to build this masterpiece and deploy to the cloud for the real world.

So if this sounds amazing, join me in this course. Let’s build this next big thing together and have a good time along the way!

Who this course is for:

  • A web developer looking to build real world project/startup that generates revenue
  • A web developer looking to build eLearning marketplace like udemy
  • Any javascript developer looking to gain full stack experience

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