Game Writer Course: Write your Videogame


All the basics to become a real game writer, from the plot to the script of your videogame


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As part of this Game Writer Course you will develop useful techniques to write and structure a story. In particular, attention will be focused on the storytelling implemented in videogames and how to write a script suitable for gaming, including cutscenes. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to produce a professional script for a videogame and propose it to videogame production companies. In addition, you will have the basics to work independently as a game writer to develop your own script (script) and you will be able to present your script to game development companies or work with them on the development of the plot/script of a videogame.

The course is structured in a consequential way, starting from how a story is divided and the creation of the macrostructure of the plot of the game, and then moving on how to write the characters (their personalities, their psychology, their ambitions), and then to learn in detail how to write dialogues and cutscenes (therefore the principles of game storytelling), up to the writing of the actual script (the game script), containing everything we need to define the design of our game.

The Game Writer Course Program includes the following lectures:

1 – The Three Act Structure of a Story

2 – Character Characterization and Narrative Arcs

3 – Dialogues and Cutscenes

4 – Script and Storyboard Document

5 – Extra: Practical Lecture of Game Script Writing

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for who want to write (or even to develop) his own videogame.

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