How to create a Metaverse on the web with THREE.JS


Learn how to build a 3D universe as a web developer.


  • JavaScript programing experience needed.
  • Have Visual Studio Code installed.


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This is a faster course you can imagine where you will need  JavaScript programming required skills to benefit more.

You will learn how to create a basic metaverse.

In this three.js course the student will learn how to design a Game as a Metaverse, how to code it in JavaScript and how to deploy it on Internet for free.

The teacher will cover every step in detail (but not deeply) to guide the student in this journey and will offer sources to download to make the practice easy and understand the concepts shown in this course. Allowing the student follow the instructor examples.

The course teach how to make a Game Design and its main parts to create a Game superficially. Some topics that the game design will include are: User Interface Development (UI), Landing Page (Presentation) , Instruction Page (Instructions), how entertain the player with rewards and punishments.

To achieve these goals the student will:

  • Write code using EcmaScript6 Modules, witch is a version of a modern JavaScript, using Visual Studio Code, witch is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), to write the code,
  • Create a characters controller to move the character, using JavaScript classes in an Object Oriented Programing,
  • Deploy the source code in a real server (github pages) publishing the game in a website with no cost.

The student will need just a computer with a browser and internet access to upload the game and to create and use an account on Github.

At the end of this course ever student will can show his own 3D Game on internet.

Warning: This course is fast and intensiveJavaScript programming experience is required.

Who this course is for:

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