How to Easily Create a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation


How to Fast Track Presentation Creation and Increase Engagement


  • General knowledge of MS Office programs and ability to use a mouse


Public Speaking is said to be the number one fear people have above all else!

In business today, the ability to prepare professional presentations is vital.

From presenting results to colleagues, pitching to clients or sharing your wisdom at a conference, presenting to groups is now a part of everyday business.

This short program is perfect if you:

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  • Present information to colleagues, clients or teams but can never work out what to put in a presentation or leave out
  • Know there must be a more effective method of putting a presentation together but don’t know where to start
  • Want to understand how to create more engaging presentations that deliver the message you need to get across
  • Want to know how to utilize some of the most common tool and features of Microsoft PowerPoint to make your presentations more impactful and engaging
  • How to better get your messages across to audiences
  • Want to “brush up” or refresh your Microsoft PowerPoint or Presentation Skills
  • Want to learn what is different about presenting online vs in person
  • Want to improve your presentations and/or presentation skills without wasting hours of time in generic classroom training programs.

Most people present to groups irregularly, so when you learn skills, unless you use your new skills, you forget them.

As a corporate computer productivity speaker and trainer for over twenty years, I saw this regularly in the many face to face programs I delivered pre-COVID.  I have put together this program to help save YOU time, stress and frustration the next time you need to present.

This course contains all you need to know to create a simple and engaging Microsoft PowerPoint presentation as well as tips to presenting.

A must for anyone working in business!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone in business who needs to present to colleagues, teams, clients/customers or larger audiences

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