How To Treat High and Low Blood Pressure


Treat High and Low Blood Pressure using Effective Home Remedies


  • There are no requirements for taking this course.


This course presents very simple low costing home remedies for Treating High and Low Blood Pressure and it’s symptoms. They can be used in the home for preventive health care and wellbeing. The procedures in this course were designed to be as simple as possible so that anyone will be able to follow them. There are a variety of remedies to choose from, depending on what you have available at the moment.

The Health Tips will also assist you with taking care of yourself during your complications and also as an aftercare regime for prevention.

The Topics Covered are:

Blood Pressure: What is Blood Pressure. Terms which are used in Blood Pressure. The Stages of Blood Pressure.

Hypertension: What is Hypertension. The Symptoms of Hypertension. Common Causes or Contributing Factors of Hypertension.

Home Remedies for Hypertension: Natural Remedies for Hypertension. What to eat for Hypertension. Health Tips for Hypertension.

Hydrotherapy Treatments for Hypertension: Hot Foot Bath. Neutral Bath. Contrast Bath.

Hypotension: What is Hypotension. The Symptoms of Hypotension. Some Causes of Hypotension.

Home Remedies for Hypotension: Natural Remedies for Hypotension. Hydrotherapy Treatments for Hypotension. Health Tips for Hypotension.

Home Remedies for the Symptoms of Hypertension and Hypotension: Natural Remedies for Headaches. Natural Remedies for Dizziness. Natural Remedies for Nosebleed. Natural Remedies for Fatigue. Natural Remedies for Tinnitus. Natural Remedies for Vision. Natural Remedies for Nausea. Natural Remedies for Palpitations.

I will also be offering you an extra lecture on Home Remedies for Bursitis.

My family and friends have partaken of some of these remedies. They have been very beneficial and effective. They have come in handy at the time needed. I trust that they will also assist you and others.

I am looking forward to meeting you in this class.

Who this course is for:

  • Persons who are interested in knowing how to treat High and Low Blood Pressure.
  • Persons who are interested in gaining a knowledge in this area to share with others.
  • Health Educators.
  • Persons who interested in Home Remedies.

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