Intro to Programming Using C


Comprehensive C Programming


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This detailed course in C will give you the foundation to fully gear up in becoming proficient in programming. The course is a collection of hands-on examples being demonstrated from inception to completion while covering the important learning objectives of the C language. Follow along and replicate the instructions as we go along this immersive journey.

The course will guide you from the beginning in assessing the editing platform that you should use as a start. Next, your journey delves into coding and understating the relationship between your computer platform and the execution of the program that you created. You will gain an understanding of how memory is being used to store data that your program needs. You will fine tune your underrating of the data types needed to properly allocate memory space, use memory address to leverage functionality through pointers, confine data within a function, or move data between functions and of course, understand what functional programming is all about. After all, C is a procedural language and functions are at its core. Being able to disassemble an idea into functional blocks will be an important and crucial skill in programming, this course will lead you there.

During your programming exercises, you will be introduced to flow control. This will allow you to map problems to solutions as you evaluate conditional possibilities that will lead to divergent or redundant paths. This part is also a very important component of mastering programming in many other languages.

To add value to your learning, this course offers you an opportunity to learn data structures through the use of a user defined list. You will be coding this from scratch to gain a deep understanding of this illusive topic. Lastly, you will also be introduced to how data is stored or retrieved from a file.

The content of this course is much more comprehensive than a typical college intro to programming course. Enjoy the experience and put it to good use!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners computer programmers
  • Intermediate computer programmers in need of review
  • Software developers
  • College students
  • High school students
  • Programming enthusiasts
  • Engineers
  • Beginners in Computer Languages
  • Wanting to get a job as a developer

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