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A complete course on Java 17 Development with eclipse IDE


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In this Course we will develop application on java 17 the latest version of java. We will go through a complete journey in java. Each lecture in the course start with a theory session followed by a practical example.The course has 16 sections and  more than 90 lectures. The course start with introduction to java followed by basics of java .Later we will understand object oriented concepts. Finally we will cover topics such as streams, multi threading. All major topics such as Reflection, Annotation, Serialization, Externalization, Lambda expression, Abstract classes, Interfaces, Strings, Optional classes, Collection API,Predicate, Method reference, HTTP client, Assertions, Enums, new io, Sealed classes, Records, Pattern matching, File handling, Process API, Thread pool, Regular expression, exception handling etc will be covered. we will use the latest version of eclipse IDE for our development. Enroll to this course to complete your java development skills.

Section1 : introduction  : All basic concept such as keywords,literals, packages,modules will be covered.

Section2: Data types and operators : all data types and operators in java will be covered.

Section 3 : Control Statements : All constructs such as if, else, for, while, do while, break, continue, label, switch ill be covered,

Section 4 : OOP Class and Objects : All basics of object oriented concept will be covered.

Section 5 : OOP Encapsulation: In this section we will be covering encapsulation and records.

Section 6 : OOP Inheritance and polymorphism

Section 7 : OOP Abstraction

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Section 8 : Some useful classes

Section 9 : Handling Strings

Section10 : Some core features

Section 11 : Exception handling

Section 12 : Arrays and collection API

Section 13 : Some more core features

Section14: Functional programming

Section 15 : Some more useful features

Section 16 : Multi-threaded programming

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