Java 8 New Features In Simple Way


Direct Class Room Videos To give Left and Right Anywhere about Lambda Expressions,Streams and More


  • It’s desirable to have some minimum basic knowledge of Java


Java 8 is one of the major and more prestigious version from Java. In this video tutorials we covered every topic  in detail on the board and on the system with live execution. Definitely you can feel like you are learning in class room directly from the instructor. As the part of this course we are covering     the following 11 topics.

1. Lambda Expressions
2. Functional Interfaces
3. Default methods in Interface
4. Static Methods in Interfaces.
5. Predicate
6. Function
7. Consumer
8. Supplier
9. Method Reference & Constructor Reference by Double Colon(::) Operator.
10. Stream API
11. Date & Time API ( Joda API)

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After completing this video course, we are sure, you will be in a position to give left and right anywhere about these new features.

Who this course is for:

  • Academic Students who are having Java Course in their Curriculum
  • Java Programmers who are fancy about Java New Features

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Originally posted 2022-09-22 06:36:10.

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