Java Collections from basics to Advanced


Data Structure using Java Collection Framework – Including Concurrent Collections, Streams, Generics, Parallel Streams


  • Basics Java
  • Patience and zeal to Learn


BEST in Class course for Java Collections, underlying implementation of Data Structures used in Collections, Advanced Java Collections,Concurrent Collections, Java Generics , Java Lambda and Streams to deal with any kind of data.

This course will empower you to solve any data structure problem using Java.

This course will not only cover Java way to deal with data – Java Collection Framework and Advanced Java Collection APIs but also cover the Modern way of dealing with data in Java by covering Lambda and Streams APIs to make your life easier.

We will also explain the underlying data structure before coming to any collection implementation.

We will cover all the below topics in detail :

Arrays  – Basics Java Construct all Data structures are directly indirectly built upon arrays   

Generics – Type safe and reuable Collections  would not have been possible without it.

Collections – Yeah! Most of the data structures Java already supplies in form of Collections.

Concurrent Collections – Collections  in multi threading environment,

Lambda Expression – New Java way of writing code

Streams – Give sppeed to your collections and write clean and small code to do a lot of things.

Details :


01 -Arrays and Single D Arrays

02- MultiDArrays

03- Declaration and initialization,creation of Arrays

04- Playing with Syntax

05- Traversing Arrays,Length of Array

06- Types of Array based on elements it holds

07- Assigning and Reassigning Array Objects to Array References

08- Anonymous arrays

Collections –  Deep Dive … we have broken this into multiple sections.


01 – List interface

02 – Array Lists

03 – Linked Lists

04 – Vector

05 – Stack

06 – Cursors to travesrse the data…

Then we will cover set under collections…

01 – HashSet

02 – LinkedHashSet

03 – SortedSet

04 – NavigableSet

05 – TreeSet

05 – Comparable and Comparator

Then we will move to MAP – and this a very important we have explained this in very very detail …

Belive me if you want to know a Data Structure make sure you know Map…. the complexity of searching and placing an element in Map is O(1).

In Map we will cover…

01-HashMap and its internal Working

02-Difference bw HashMap and HashTable

03-Linked HashMap

04 – IdentityHashMap

05 – WeakHashMap

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06 – Sorted Map

07 – NavigableMap

08 – TreeMap

09- Summary Of Map

Then we will move to the next section … Concurrent Collections… and this section is also very detailed..

01 Section Introduction

02 Need of Concurrent Collections

03 Concurrent Modification Exception

04 How Concurrent Collection Solved the problems

05 ConncurentHashMap Heirarchy and Methods

06 ConncurentHashMap internal Implementation

07 ConncurentHashMap in Multithreading Envoirnment Program Demo

09 CopyonWrite ArrayList

10 CopyOnWriteArrayList – Constctuctors and Methods

11 CopyOnWriteArraySet

After That we will start Lambda Expression the efficient may to write code started in Java 8 , we will also show you how you will be able to simplify your collection code using … Lambda..

01 – Lambda Introduction

02 – Write Lambda Expression

03 – Functinoal Interfaces

04 – Invoke Lambda

05-few more Examples of invoking Lambda

06 Lambda Summary

07 Lambda With Collections

08  comparator – Lambda

09 Sorting a List Without Lambda and With Lambda

10 predefined Functional Interfaces – Predicates

11  Predicates Example

12 function

13 consumer

14 Supplier

15 Double Colun Operator Method reference

16 Double Colun Operator Constructor reference

After that we will start Streams i think the most important concept to learn if you are using Java 8 and Beyond, this can process your data not simply but efficiently.

01- Streams basics code to get familiar with Syntax

02- stream in Detail – Filter() and Map() Methods

04- More on Methods in Streams

05- More on Streams

06 – Parallel Streams

07 – Sequential vs Parallel streams performance Comparison

08- Summary Of Streams and what we learned

We will keep on covering Collections best Practice and common pitfalls

By End of this course you will start fall in Love in collections and with your data. You will also love Java’s modern way of dealing with data using lambda and streams.

We have covered each and every topic in very much detail.

Last but not least : This course comes with a 30 days money back guarantee if it does not fit in your needs,  and we are always available to answer your questions.


Basics Strong

Who this course is for:

  • Students who wants Mater to Collections and Concurrent Collection in Java
  • Master Java Streams and Lambda
  • Master Generics
  • Master Arrays
  • Master Data Structures using collections

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