Java SE 11 Developer (1Z0-819) : Java 11 OCP


Mastering Advanced Java Concepts


  • Ideally, have completed my Java 8 OCA (1Z0-808) Course here on Udemy (or any Java course). This course starts at lambda expressions.
  • Access to an IDE such as Netbeans, Eclipse or IntelliJ.
  • If preparing for Java 11 OCP certification, ideally, you would use Enthuware in parallel (for excellent MCQ training).


This course is a systematic approach to teaching advanced Java concepts up to and including Java 11 OCP Certification.

This course is a successor to my highly popular Java 8 OCA (1Z0-808) Course. As a result, the course starts with lambdas i.e. fundamentals such as types, operators and methods are not in this course.

This course is not the same as the Java 11 OCP Upgrade exam (1Z0-817) – this course is broader. To explain, this course covers all the topics (beyond the Java 8 OCA) in Java 8 OCP (1Z0-809) exam; whereas, the 1Z0-817 exam does not. Therefore, this course is perfect if you have Java 8 OCA Certification (1Z0-808) and want to upgrade to Java 11 OCP (1Z0-819). However, prior certification is not at all mandatory before taking this course.

The theory of the topic is explained with lots of code examples used to reinforce the topic. The videos are annotated in detail to help the learner follow my explanations i.e. I keep the mouse movement to an absolute minimum. I have made all the code examples available – this is a great learning aid as you can get the code running and see what happens if you change it.

Topics include:

· Lambda Expressions

· Streams

· Generics

· Collections

· Concurrency

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· File IO

· NIO.2

· Serialisation

· Localisation

· private interface methods

· LVTI (local variable type inference)

· Annotations

· Security

· Modules

By way of background, I am a lecturer since 2002 and I have exclusively taught the OCA and OCP syllabii since 2013 on behalf of a highly regarded software company. On completion of my training, graduates then face the company’s own internal Java Certification exam (similar in style to Oracle’s). I have no visibility into the questions they will face. It is a 3 hour long intensive exam. The company are delighted with the results; otherwise I wouldn’t still be teaching on it 🙂 .

I love teaching and this course has all my experience in explaining advanced concepts of Java. In addition, I have a strong attention to detail which lends itself perfectly to the Oracle Java Certification exams. I am delighted that Enthuware, in their explanations, have linked to my YouTube channel.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone preparing for the Java 11 (1Z0-819) Certification exam. Absolutely perfect for those who are Java 8 OCA (1Z0-808) certified and never took the OCP exam.
  • Software professionals with Java experience who want to understand advanced Java topics.
  • Students who want to take their Java beyond the fundamentals.

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