Learn DevOps, its concepts, schematic, benefits, application


Opportunities, Roles & Responsibilities, Rewards, position in the software industry, gain confidence, acquire wisdom



The purpose of this course is to build a strong foundation of DevOps by imparting thorough knowledge from basic concepts, schematics of tools, to benefits and application of DevOps. Valuable inputs on Opportunities, Roles & Responsibilities, Rewards are also discussed.

The techniques of Software Development Life cycle (SDLC) is explained.

It shall surely remove the shaky feelings of individuals who may be hesitant to adopt this methodology.

Every custodian of Information Technology

(Professional, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Designer) must perceive this unique and engaging course.

The technocrats are at advantage to add DevOps in their profile and develop as a ‘successful DevOps Engineer’.

Parents of aspiring graduates can encourage their wards to study this course and build the foundation of a future DevOps professional.

DevOps experts have great demand in the Information Technology and Software Development industry and also in process technology environment. They get rewarded with a remarkable pay package depending on respective wisdom level.

Even beginners get a healthy CTC to start with, compared to other professionals.

Any interested person can go through this course, and create a strong knowledge base.

In modern IT and Software development projects, the age-old techniques like Waterfall and Agile methodologies have limitations and that has paved the way for evolution of DevOps.

Persons enrolled into this course shall learn the techniques of integrated approach of Developer & Operator creating union of persons’ intellect and recent innovations in process technology.

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The course elaborates the 8 key functions viz. Plan, Code, Build, Test, Deploy, Operate, Monitor and Integrate.

The 5 Key attributes, viz. Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Integration are also detailed out.

Features of different tools, to perform DevOps is an interesting part of this course.

Schematics help to clearly understand the process.

Benefits and application of DevOps give an insight into the practical use of DevOps.

Opportunities, Roles & Responsibilities, Rewards form an idea on necessity of learning DevOps methodology.

In DevOps all the stages are automated and linked with each other. Consecutive processes trigger automatically.

DevOps engineers shall gain more insights if they have exposure to operating systems viz. Linux in advance.

Developer with command on programming languages viz., Python, Java, C sharp shall have an edge. They are responsible for creating effective codes.

Choice of roles and responsibilities, depends on Project type or concerned organizations work type or future prospects.

With inputs from this course, the technocrats shall be in a better position to identify the role to play in any organization.

Opportunities are cropping up in app creation, web development, health care systems, travel management, insurance advisory, eCommerce platforms, financial sectors.

Best of luck for all of you.

Who this course is for:

  • Engineering in Information Technology, Software Development. Students of these streams can also be benefitted from the contents of this course
  • DevOps Planners, Python Developers, Testers, DevOps Engineer, Operator, Monitor, Integrator

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