Learn Kubernetes Step By Step: Theory and Practice


Learn how to build, deploy, scale and manage Kubernetes workload step by step from basic to advanced concept.


  • Basic Linux Knowledge (e.g: Shell Scripting)
  • Basic networking knowledge (e.g: IP, port number)


This course is specifically designed for the people who have interests to know more stuffs about Kubernetes which is a must know technique in modern IT skillset list. No matter what is your aim to learn Kubernetes, exam oriented or just for learning purpose. You will find my course is really interesting and full of materials waiting for you to discover.

The course is designed for all levels from most basic to advanced topics. I will try to make this course most comprehensive with lectures, quiz, video, demo as well as challenges for you to practice what you learnt.

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My Kubernetes course covers a numerous number of areas such as: containers, container orchestration, Kubernetes Infrastructure, Kubernetes Cluster, Kubernetes Objects, Networking, Services, Storage, Security, Auto Scaling, RBAC, Configuration, Logging, Monitoring and Troubleshooting.

Whatever what background you come from (e.g: System Admin, Developers, Architect, Engineer), you should know Kubernetes as its importance is equivalent to virtualization 10 years ago. As Kubernetes is compatible with cloud native applications. Once you mastered the Kubernetes skill it is not difficult for you to extend your knowledge to cloud area as well.

As time goes, I will include additional or supplement information in relevant sections to let you understand more clearly the concepts.

Finally as it is a newly created course, the relevant contents are still on the progress to upload and preparing. You can visit it or pay attention to the announcement for new sections status.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to depoly and operate containers on Kubernetes Infrastructure
  • Anyone who have interest in managing containers in Kubernetes ways

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