Learn My Facebook Ads Ecommerce Funnel Of 6-Figures In 2023


Learn the practical steps I took to create profitable Facebook ads campaigns for my e-commerce brands and use them!


  • Being familiar with the Facebook ads platform


Many Facebook ad advertisers think they have a problem with their ads, but is this the real problem?

How to know where is the real gap in your ads and what will make them work after you tried all the interests, lookalikes, and creatives you could?

In this course, you will learn how to do Facebook ads but in a different way…

Your ads are the main part of your eCommerce business,

and you do need to spend most of your time on this and knowing what you do,

but in order to be profitable, you need the extra step that comes after you know that your ads working properly,

such as knowing the math in your ads, how to solve problems with your funnel,

writing compelling copy, creating the right content for your prospect at every step in the funnel, identifying what does not contribute to your sales,

understanding your market, making the right pricing for your product,

understanding where the gap you need to attack,

from losing money or breaking even to becoming profitable with just a few tweaks, understanding when it’s time to stop, and make refining your funnel.

and that’s why I created a course with a holistic approach and fundamentals that will not be expired.

Honestly,  Facebook ads cannot succeed without them…

This is why this course divided to 2

1. We will focus 80% on how to do:

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– Facebook ads campaigns

– testing

– optimizing

– retargeting

– turning off ads

– scale ads

– content creation.

2. The other 20% will be on:

– how to price your product

– how to set budgets for your campaigns

– how to know your position in the market

– how to manage your finance

– how to make decisions based on numbers and not emotions

– formula to write compelling and effective copy for your ads (or any other place)

So if you are a brand owner, eCommerce marketer, or drop shipper, this course is for you and focuses on eCommerce by seeing examples of REAL campaigns and results I got and processes I use, all will be learned in the course.

Don’t waste more time without putting your brand in front of potential customers or keep on spending money on things that don’t work that you can save in order to take your brand to the next level.

Go ahead and enroll now, I’ll see you in the course!

Who this course is for:

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