Learn to Speak, Read & Write correct ENGLISH easily &rapidly


Rapid self Learning


  • Ability to use a computer and willingness to sincerely learn and practice


The course is also designed and created for self-learning. The scope of this course is to achieve the following results

1. Helps to become confident to make correct sentences in English.
2. Students can understand commonly spoken English
3. Write many items like a letter, diary, content etc with confidence
4. Can read newspaper, books, publications and learn the contents
5. Ask questions to others
6. Answer questions confidently in correct English

Learning method

Study every session video yourself.

ü View again till you understand contents

Complete a simple exercise at the end of each session.


Complete your learning with practice.

With friends and anyone, at home, work & anywhere

At the end of each session, it is recommended that the students complete the given exercise and have it verified by a friend, a family member or a work-mate and make corrections, if required.
Please do not stop with exercise.
Go ahead to practice in 4 different ways

1. Use whatever that you learned in each session, in day-to-day life at work, home and wherever you are. You will overcome the barrier in communicating

2. Read newspaper, books or anything in English loud and be satisfied in pronouncing and understanding.
3. Write in English wherever you can

4. Share with others proudly about the knowledge that you gained in the session.
Practice makes you perfect.

Who this course is for:

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