Learning Trello from Scratch


Manage Tasks Easily Among your Team Members


  • Basic Computer Knowledge


Trello is a powerful web-based task management application that allows you to manage your tasks among your team members with ease.

In this course, we are going to start off by focusing on how we can create Trello boards from scratch and by using Trello board templates to manage our project.

We will then see how we can manage lists inside of Trello boards that we made and see how we can add in cards inside of the boards.

We will also see how we can add members to our boards for collaboration and then set the privacy level of the board.

We will then learn how we can assign members to cards to assign tasks to individual members and keep track of it as well.

We will also see how we can set up teams inside of Trello and managed boards inside of it and see how can link different boards and cards to make them relatable.

We will also explore different features such as filtering options, email to the board, and powerup options to manage our tasks with ease.

We will explore major powerup tools that we can use to manage tasks and explore the butler feature.

We will then see how we can use the Trello extension and generate a Gantt chart with Trello.

We will then wrap up the course with an example project.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner

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