Make a Match-Three Puzzle Game in Unity


Make a match-three game from scratch!


  • Unity 3d (lectures recorded in Unity 5.5 but projects can be updated to 2018)
  • Mac or PC
  • OPTIONAL Photoshop or image-editing program to customize art assets (downloadable assets provided)


Note: though much of the course was recorded with an older version of Unity, the final project has been updated to use Unity 2019.

Though there are minor differences in the UI, you should be able to complete the course using Unity 2019.

We have created several advanced features to make this the most complete course on designing a Match-Three course in Unity:

  • re-skinning your game using your own Sprites
  • checking for the deadlock condition (no more available moves)
  • shuffling the Board pieces (instead of deleting them and re-filling the Board)
  • building a one-, two-, or three-star score meter
  • creating new level objectives (scored, timed, and collected) 

This course now weighs in at a 16+ hour marathon in game development.  Save weeks of work on building your own match three game. 

Join the ever growing ranks of our class and see what you can build today!

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In this course, we will:

  • start with a blank Unity project and flesh out a fully working game level
  • learn some fundamental techniques for creating your own tile-based match-three puzzle game
  • follow several C# scripts line-by-line and learn how to organize our scripts logically and cleanly

What is covered:

  1. Setup our project settings and environment
  2. Create a Board class to store our tiles and game pieces
  3. Create an auto-centered orthographic camera
  4. Make a GamePiece class that can move with interpolation
  5. Setup the tiles to receive mouse input
  6. Search for matches in a two-dimensional array
  7. Handle recursive calls to clear and refill our Board 
  8. Add sound effects to game events
  9. Apply particle effects to add some punch to our graphics
  10. Making a score manager to track player progress

Join the democratization of game development! Level up your Unity 3D skills and build your own match-three game today!

When you complete the class, you should have a full set of source code as a starting point for your match-three puzzle game!

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate Unity developers with basic working knowledge of C# scripting
  • Unity developers interested in creating a match-three game

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