Making A 2D Platformer With Visual Scripting In Unity!

Unity, Visual Scripting, No Coding, No Experience Needed


Unity, Visual Scripting, No Coding, No Experience Needed


  • No Experience
  • Beginner
  • Unity


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Want to learn how to make a 2d platformer game in unity with out writing any lines of code using unity visual scripting with minimal experience or knowledge needed, the only thing you will have needed to know or do is install unity hub and a unity version either 2022 or 2023, creating the project and all the mechanics are gone through within the course, there is multiple folders to download during the course for sound effects and art for the 2d platformer game,  mechanics that you will learn, include but not limited to moving, jumping, double jump, coyote time, gravity switching, bounce pad, traps, moving platforms, gravity pads Moving Traps, Adding Sounds And Art, Some Button Navigation, Controller Support, post processing, super units, new input system, all the mechanic’s you will learn will help you get started on creating your own 2d platforming games/ any 2d game in unity as what you learn in this cource can be useful for other 2d games not just platformers, and help you on your unity visual scripting adventure

Im vacantknight and have been making games since 2019, i have been learning unity since 2019, i have been learning unity visual scripting since 2021, I have been making videos since 2013

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner
  • Unity
  • Bolt
  • Visual Scripting

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