Master Angular Fundamentals by Building a Real App


Fast-paced and super practical Angular course.


  • Basic knowledge of Angular


In this course, you will learn how to use angular framework to build an example of a home rental application. I will show you how to fetch a list of homes from a simulated backend, show a spinner and display the data with a clean responsive style. Then, I’ll show you how to build a dropdown that allows you to select home types, click apply update the URL and filter the list homes. These might seem like trivial features however as you will see it shows you how to use:

  • angular routes and the router service
  • angular forms
  • custom input and output property binding
  • ngIf and ngFor structural directives
  • the async pipe and the observables
  • different styles of fetching the data from the API
  • CSS flex and grid
  • UI state management with component properties
  • ng-template with template variables
  • ng-container
  • ng cli
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I will not waste your time going over any slides or theory. I keep every video short to the point where show you how to build one specific thing that you can apply right now in your next angular application

Moreover, with every video, I include two links. The first link shows what I added or changed in the code precisely line by line so you never lose track of what’s happening on the screen. The second link takes you to the stackblitz page showing both the code and the application live as I wrote it for that specific video. This is super useful because you can make changes and poke around the app for every topic completely on your own without having to type the whole thing as you go along

If that sounds exciting, sign up now and start learning!

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate Angular developers

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