Microsoft PowerPoint – Advanced PowerPoint 2016 2019 2022


Learn Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) presentation. Create slides and learn PowerPoint tricks that will amaze your audience


  • PowerPoint 2016 / 2019 (or Office 365, the newer the better) Installed
  • Be familiar with PowerPoint to a Basic or Intermediate level


Welcome to the Advanced PowerPoint Presentation Slide Design – Become Better at PowerPoint course!
Let’s get straight into what you are going to learn and what the goals are for this course.

Goals of this class:

  • Teach you efficient slide design
  • Upgrade your PowerPoint knowledge
  • Show you modern approaches to PowerPoint usage
  • Make you more confident as a designer

What will you learn:

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  • How to design professional looking slides
  • Make a consistent theme across multiple slides
  • How to use Merging and Intersecting shapes
  • Hidden PowerPoint tricks only real pros use

The class will be short but very packed with valuable information and knowledge regarding presenting, presentations, design, and of course PowerPoint usage. It is meant to show more advanced techniques to learn PowerPoint on a higher level.

When we think about PowerPoint we usually associate it with boring presentations, simple slides, and static-speaking people that read everything they wrote onto a presentation. This course is made as one step to change that perspective, one presentation at a time. We need to start a movement, a progress of better creation, design, data presentation and presenting ourselves.

Watch the promo video!

The promo video will exactly explain what is to be expected in the course, it is supposed to be short and oriented on more advanced Microsoft PowerPoint tips & tricks, so you learn microsoft powerpoint and also get better at its more difficult features. Hope to see you soon within the course, let’s work!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to upgrade his PowerPoint skills to the Next Level
  • Anyone who wants to make Better Presentations and Slides
  • People who like to work in PowerPoint

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